Adding Bling To Crocheted Scarves

Few things are prettier on a gray day than a flash of sparkle from that crocheted scarf accenting your jacket. Add light-filled “bling” is easier than you think. First, decide how much sparkle you want to include. If you enjoy doing it up big-time, start with a metallic yarn — or choose a mixture of yarns, and reserve the metallic for borders or stripes.
Next, choose iridescent or metallic beads or sequins in colors that complement your yarns. Hologram sequins are an even better choice: they go with a wide variety of shades and styles, and actually change color as you turn. Crochet your scarf as usual, then stitch the beads or sequins randomly across the surface, using silk thread so the stitches ‘disappear’ into the surface of the yarn. These are just as washable as the rest of the scarf, if the process is gently done.
Then get ready to shine. More info: crocheted scarves

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