How To Cut Cords Of Attachment

If you have been recommended to cut your cords of attachment, by a therapist or a psychic, you may first of all wonder what they mean and second wonder how on earth you are supposed to do that?

Cords of attachment, of course, are a connection to another person. In some cases, like with parents or specific friends, your cords of attachment can be very healthy. In other cases, like with abusive boyfriends or a terrible boss, your cords of attachment can literally be destroying your health and your happiness. This is usually when a therapist will tell you that you should cut them.

Cutting cords of attachment, of course, is never easy. You have often been connected to that person or persons for many years, and the thought of no longer being with them can be devastating. However, if it’s an unhealthy relationship, you have to start to look at the many benefits of cutting ties and the negatives of what the relationship is doing to your life.

While some people will say to cut cords of attachment slowly, that’s not always the best way. In fact, a quick sever of the ties with an abusive person can be the best thing. Of course, the first few weeks or months will be difficult, but once you see how positive your life has now become and realize how terrible that person was for you, it becomes easier and easier.

Look honestly at your relationship, and consider cutting out of your life those people who are not supportive, not protective and don’t put your best interests at heart.

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