Sun Peaks British Columbia

The resort of Sun Peaks is in the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia. Just 45 minutes from Kamloops, Sun Peaks has something for everyone in a setting perfect for year-round enjoyment.

In operation since the early 1960’s, Sun Peaks has enjoyed steady growth due in large part to the outstanding variety of skiing options. Tod Mountain, Sundance Mountain, and Mount Morrisey form the landscape that creates a haven for all sports including mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding in addition to world-class skiing.

Surrounded by the three mountains, the quaint Sun Peaks Village home to shopping, dining and a variety of accommodations. More info: Sun Peaks BC

Small Town Living

If you want to be part of Sun Peaks Municipality then go right ahead. There are many people who have tried out the community life of small town living and have not liked it. Dealing with knowing everyone can be tough but going to Sun peaks is a fun place. There are many things to do and the Sun Peaks Municipality has many attractions and sites that you can see. There are a lot of things to do when you are at Sun peaks and you can find another adventure everywhere you turn. There are a lot of people who go there many times during the year.

Come to the Sun Peaks Community

The Sun Peaks community is proud to offer the best lodging in Canada. They also offer many inns that provide all the sports or activities you are looking for in order to feel better. You worked hard and you deserve a rest and vacation at Sun Peaks.

This is a place that returns you to society well-rested. Your past trips brought you back as tired as you left. This is an investment in your physical and mental well-being. Find out all you can by contacting representatives of the Sun Peaks community. They will be happy to help you in any way they can. More info: Sun Peaks Community