Dental Care For Disabled Patients.

Large segment of the population includes patients with disabilities. Their oral care is often overlooked. It is the dental offices’ responsibility to meet the needs of this very special group of patients.
Medically compromised individuals require more attention in order to keep the continuum of their care. Properly equipped and staffed private dental practice will be able to adequately motivate the patient to receive the oral care and prevent tooth loss and infection. The dental professionals will be capable to prevent the necessity for any extensive oral treatment, which patients may not be able to withstand due to their mental or physical disability.

The severity of infections, periodontal disease and amount of caries is much higher within the disabled population. All of those conditions have to be addressed in a timely manner as the patient’s health is already compromised by other medical implications. Disabled children are especially prone to hazards of poor oral care. The lack of proper dental management can lead to serious health complications, further jeopardizing the health of the pediatric patient. Most commonly noted are problems created by poor motor skills, administration of drugs and the development of undesired habits such as mouth breathing or food pocketing. All of these symptoms typically hinder the natural process of cleansing by tongue and lips. It will also inhibit the patient’s willingness to learn about brushing and flossing. Most disabled patients find the process uncomfortable and rely on their caretakers to implement the daily routine. Dental providers will be able to educate both the patient and their support system about oral hygiene and maintenance of healthy oral flora for life.
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