Dr. Lancer’s New Lancer RX Skin Care System

Dr. Lancer is a well-known dermatologist that has studied and developed an excellent skin care line. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, and then completed is Dermatology Residency at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Lancer has been in practice for twenty five years and has been constantly researching new treatment methods for acne, aging and skin problems. He has treated people from all over the world with positive results. Recently, he has developed a new treatment plan for all skin types. The Lancer Rx Skin Care system is becoming very popular and very effective.

The first step in the skin care system is to polish the skin. This is done by exfoliating with the Lancer Rx Polish scrub. The polish was made with natural sea minerals and does not require any loofahs, sponges or tools to aid in exfoliation. It scrubs off dead skin cells and leaves a fresh layer of skin to work with. The skin already feels fresh and clean after this first step.

The second step is to cleanse the new and fresh layer of skin. This is accomplished with the cleanser which is made of enzymes and hydrators. It is not a typical soap in that combined with water, this cleanser forms a gentle foam that hydrates the skin. If you have acne problems, there is another option in cleansers which is one that contains salycic acid.

The third step in the Lancer Rx Skin Care system is to nourish the skin. This nourishing treatment is an anti-aging cream. This cream is designed to encourage cell growth and to rejuvenate the skin. It reduces fine lines and improves skin texture. It also aids in discoloration and reduces pore size. This cream has many positive attributes and has been very beneficial in nourishing skin, making it look more vibrant and beautiful.

There are many additional products to choose from as well. There are night creams, eye creams, moisturizers and facial masks all designed to aid in skin care beautification. Dr. Lancer has designed many products to help with all skin care needs and for all skin types. There are starter sets to choose from as well. The three step system can be bought as a package. There are a variety of starter sets to choose from. One is the basic starter set, another is the Problem Skin Starter Set. There are sets that focus on anti-aging as well.

Dr. Lancer has been in practice for over twenty five years and has dedicated his work to enhancing skin care practice. He has studied and developed a skin care line that has been shown to have positive results. The growing popularity of his products is a result of hard work and effective research. The Lancer Rx Skin Care system is becoming more widely used and the reaction is both positive and excited. Dr. Lancer continues to research skin problems and ways to treat different skin types. His skin care line is growing and is both efficient and effective. The future of skin care is looking great do to the development of the Lancer Rx Skin Care line. More info: lancer rx skin care

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