Elevator CT

Many people today are choosing to take the stairs for health reasons but the elevator remains one of the most useful ways to ascend to a higher place.

City skyscrapers would not be what they are without the elevator. Because city skyscrapers are so high it would be impossible for many people to live and work in these buildings because it would be such a great effort to get up to those higher floors. Elevators have allowed for space to be used in a more efficient way. Whereas before buildings had to be built out instead of up, they can now utilize the space way up in the air because elevators can quickly transport people and objects up and down.

The elevator is also great for those people who are handicapped and in wheelchairs or for those moms who push baby strollers. Without an elevator it would be impossible for these people to get up the stairs to their destination. The elevator is a way to increase mobility for those who face restrictions in their movement.

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