Fat Burning Exercises

Losing weight and burning fat are often synonymous in many people’s minds, but that is hardly true.  Weight loss and burning fat are not identical and different strategies are available towards each goal.  There is however a strong correlation between the amount of weight that a person loses and the amount of fat that is burnt.  Keep in mind, however, that a pound of muscle weights more than a pound of fat and a higher degree of weight loss does not necessarily mean more of a healthy lifestyle.  Muscle, though heavier, leads to an increase in the amount of calories that are burnt by your body.  Muscle quite simply burns more fat than not having it.  As such, a weight training regimen is often an important part of burning fat.  Weight training should generally be completed three times a week, with alternating body parts so that you don’t overstrain a specific muscle group.  Building muscle tone throughout your body will therefore contribute to burning fat going forward, but will not lead to weight loss.  In fact, you will often gain weight as the muscle will weigh more than before.

Aerobic exercises are often used to burn fat and for good reason.  Having a tone physique will lead to your body burning fat and getting rid of excess calories.  Your weight is dependent on the amount of calories you consume less the amount that you burn through exercise.  Therefore burning fat involves exercising more and trimming unnecessary calories from your diet.  Developing a regimen that incorporates these things will lead to greater amounts of burnt fat that will improve your body overall.

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