Hiring Trained Home Health Care Workers

There are a number of families who have members that need in home care. These family members can include senior adults or people who have disabilities. The home health care New York residents can find available will usually be provided through a health care service. This type of service employs people from different areas in the medical field. Most of the employees will be certified nursing assistants. These people are trained to handle a variety of responsibilities associated with in home care. A trained nursing assistant will be able to help the individual with personal hygiene procedures.

The nursing assistant is can also help people who are bed ridden. The tasks associated with a bed ridden individual will include bathing them and turning them periodically to prevent their skin from breaking down. If the person has difficulty with movement of their limbs the nursing assistant can also do range of motion exercises to help keep their joints and muscles flexible. If a home bound person requires more extensive care a licensed practical nurse could be hired through the home health care agency. This person will be able to administer medications, which will include giving injections.

Other types of home care workers include physical therapists and therapists trained to help with speech. Most home health care workers will be contracted to work a scheduled amount of hours during a day or week. In some cases, a worker could be hired as a live-in health care giver if the person requires twenty-four hour care.
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