Negotiating A Deal At Jeep Dealerships Garner

Negotiating a deal on a new car is an art form few people know how to do. They go into a dealership to buy a new Jeep, get intimidated by an aggressive salesperson and end up paying much more for the car than they planned. That is why, before you go to any Jeep dealerships Garner for a new car, you should have a game plan figured out.

When first arriving at any Jeep dealerships Garner, let the salesperson know immediately that you do plan on buying a car. If you act like you are “just looking”, you will soon lose the salesperson’s attention and they’ll go off to find another person more likely to buy. Tell them you will be buying in the next few weeks, but that you will only buy from the dealership that offers the best price. Then point out the car you want, talk about all the options you want on it and let the salesperson know exactly how much you are willing to pay.

Once the amount has been put out there, just about every salesperson in America says they have to “take that offer to my manager”. As most of us know, that means them standing around in an empty office or grabbing a coffee in the kitchen, while they let the would-be car buyer sweat. Don’t fall for it. Wait a couple of minutes and then get up to leave. It’s amazing how fast the salesperson will come back.

If the price you are willing to pay is then not what the dealer will accept, thank them for their time and head to your next dealership. If you play one off against the other, you will eventually get a price you are willing to pay. Without much effort on your part.

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