Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars manufacture a variety of high-quality acoustic and electric guitars. The award winning “Tonare Grand” and “Angelus Cutaway” are standards of the acoustic line, and are complemented by “Private Stock” models. The selection of electric guitars is extensive, and includes their signature “Singlecut Hollowbody.”
The company also collaborates with some of the most talented guitarists alive for the “Signature” and “Special Editions” collections. Contributors include rock legends Santana, Dave Navarro of “Jane’s Addiction” and Neal Schon of “Journey.” Each artist blends their style and sound with the design professionals to develop unique instruments that represent the guitarist.
In addition to the range of standard models, the company proudly offers several customizable designs. With these packages, the buyer has choices in materials for the woods, hardware, finishes and pickup options. There is even one design for the left-handed artist.
The rich sounds

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