Selecting A Residential Cleaning Service

Most people today work hard and have little time, energy or desire to clean their house. For those who are able to hire residential cleaning services, the importance of finding a trusted one is crucial.

Here are a few pointers when looking for a cleaning service for your home:

Types of Services Offered

House cleaners offer different types of services ranging from deep cleaning to basic cleaning. Not all cleaning services will do tasks such as; laundry, clean windows or insides of refrigerators. Know in advance what it is you want done and make sure those you interview will meet your needs.

What Type of Service

Some people prefer a large reputable company over an individual. Others may prefer the trusted person who has been cleaning for their family and friends for many years. If in doubt, talk to different types of available services in the area and see what will fit best for you. Large companies should have bonded and insured employees. In all cases, it would be wise to check references.


When hiring a cleaning service for your home, you will want to be sure that you are comfortable communicating with the individuals. Be specific about how you want things done and make sure they are willing to abide by it. If you have certain special needs such as pets or children in the home, how will this affect the cleaning people? Remember that they are working for you and you must be able to communicate clearly with them.


Some cleaning services bring their own supplies while others will use yours. If they are going to be using their own, make sure they are using products that are suitable and safe for use within your home. If you are going to supply them with products, be sure they communicate with you on what they need, and when supplies need to be replenished.

Another thing you may want to consider when starting out with a cleaning service is having a “deep” cleaning done on their first visit. It will cost more, but in the long run will make their continuing job easier, and your house will feel like new!
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