The Pros and Cons of Abortion

Sometimes life can be hard and we may have to face options of abortion. The cons of abortion can be:
- It makes a person feel that they have deprived a life the chance to live.
- Some believe that a baby is God’s gift and to take that is tampering with God and the World.
- Going through abortion can carry a strong risk of not being able to have another child in the future.
- Abortion comes with health complications, and in some of the worst cases can even cause death.
- Memories are hard to let go of for some that have abortions and can lead to depression and high levels of stress and guilt.

Some of the pros of abortion can be:
- This is a life long decision that depends on a mother being able to raise a child to be an adult.
- There can be medical cases that compel a woman to need to have an abortion.
- Rape victims can be underage and not want to have to raise a child in this circumstance.
- Diseases that are unhealthy for a mom and unborn baby may lead to decisions of abortion. More info: abortion St. Louis

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