Turn To Mark Hornfeld To See Clearly

For patients that fear they will never see clearly again because of cataracts, Dr. Mark Hornfeld may have the answer. As an opthamologist and physician in New York City with years of experience and education, Dr. Hornfeld specializes in multifocal intraocular lens implants to correct vision for those with cataracts. Dr. Hornfeld also performs other laser techniques and treats a broad range of opthamological concerns. Patients are in the best of hands with Dr. Mark Hornfeld.

Our eyes are precious and serious problems can be devastating as well as terrifying. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of surgery done to the eye and suffer as a result, avoiding treatment. Dr. Mark Hornfeld understands the concerns of his patients and will put them at ease as he leads them through every aspect of a procedure, options and results. Turn to Dr. Mark Hornfeld for solutions and stop suffering.

Call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Mark Hornfeld. Have a comprehensive evaluation and then discuss all of the possible alternatives to resolve a vision concern. Dr. Hornfeld’s skill and years of practice can be relied upon to solve any issue when it comes to the eyes. There is always something that can be done to improve upon a situation or help a patient to manage a problem. Dr. Hornfeld will help his patients to explore all of their options. Contact Dr. Hornfeld’s office today and find hope for cataracts and other vision concerns. Expect only the best in care.

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