Want To Get Into International Business Consulting?

International business consulting is a field that can be incredibly interesting and very lucrative. If you have thought previously about getting into the field of international business consulting, as business overseas just grows and grows, now may be the time to start.

Before you think about looking for a job in international business consulting, however, you need to look at your background. Do you already have a business degree or an MBA? Do you have experience in international business? Do you have qualities and qualifications others do not? If you cannot answer in the affirmative to all these questions, you need to go off and get the appropriate training, as no reputable international business consulting firm will hire you.

If you don’t have a business degree, start off by applying to business schools for a degree in international business. If you are accepted at one of the better schools, you will often have a chance during your studies to do some work study overseas. If you get the chance, take it. Not only will it be a fun experience but, if you have already worked overseas in international business — whether it’s in trade, marketing, finance, banking or any other industry — you will already have an advantage over those people who have not.

If you school doesn’t offer it, when you graduate apply for jobs overseas in your field. One to two years of experience working in a city like Bangkok, Madrid or Buenos Aires will go a long way to getting you the right experience for a job with a consulting firm.

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