What Is A Flow Cytometer?

A flow cytometer is an integral technology that is used with protein engineering as well as many other biotechnology applications. Flow cytometers are usually fairly large machines that are used in biotechnology laboratories. The machines use a laser to study a particle’s chemical and physical structure. The laser needs to be of a single wavelength, it is then directed towards the particles that are suspended in a stream of liquid. Detectors in the machine are then pointed towards the location where the laser converges with the stream of liquid. After this is carried out, the light that reflects off of the many particles in the stream is then analyzed. Depending on the light’s brightness after it is reflected, the machine can then determine many physical and chemical features that the particles are comprise of.

The applications of flow cytometers are incredibly extensive, the machines are integral in many biological and biotechnological uses because they are such efficient machines. When using them, t

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