What Some People Think

Working in a funeral home is like no other career. Some people think that we live there, but this is not true. We only work in the funeral home, but some of the things that we have to do might not be for everyone. My family has owned the oldest funeral home in town for years, and it is one of the largest funeral homes in the county. When we arrive in the morning, we have to check to see if there have been any deliveries from the night before. If someone passes away and they choose to use us as their funeral home, the coroner will bring them to the back door and place them in a freezer until we can get there the following day. If the delivery is made while we are there, then we can go ahead and begin the embalming process.
The embalming process is one of the things that I do not like to do. My father and grandfather take over that area so that I can work on other things in the office and upstairs. One of the things that I am responsible for is getting all of the announcements made for the family. We try to get the announcement exactly the way that the family wants it to look because this is an important time for them. I also set up the rooms that will be used for visitation. If there is nothing to do upstairs, I will work on the makeup and hair of the person who has passed away so that they look their best for the visitation services.
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